Musica Subterranea is doing a lot at the SCA 50 Year Celebration event!

We are releasing our 5th CD of SCA Dance Music! Come to our CD Release Dance Party on Saturday June 18th from 3:00 – 5:00pm in the main hall at the SCA 50 Year event to dance and celebrate with us!

We are also helping to organize some of the sheet music that is categorized outside the criteria used for the Pennsic Pile collection. So, if you’re looking for sheet music to be use in Dance Bands and people are referring to the sheet music collection “Not The Pennsic Pile” then you’ve come to the right place!

The Pennsic Pile maintains excellent and specific standards for it’s collection of SCA Dance Music. The Pennsic Pile does not include the music to dances that are original compositions by SCA music writers nor period tunes that SCA dance choreographers created new period-style dances for. Since these dances still have a place in the educational process of SCA dancers, we offer the sheet music here for those who wish to play it and enjoy the dance.

Many of the arrangements available here were created by the Musica Subterranea Music Director, Dave Lankford / The Honorable Lord Dafydd Arth. Please note when the arrangement is created by another artist. Please also make special note of the copyright and licensing offered by the author. Creative Commons licenses are often used to allow users like SCAdians to copy, distribute, and use the sheet music for SCA dances for playing live for dancing at SCA dance events, but please be sure to read the license and note the exact wording. And read more at for further information.

In addition to the Pennsic Pile, some additional dance tunes are needed for specific set lists at the 50 year celebration. Here are sheet music links for some of the additional pieces:


Want more sheet music? Click here to view our sheet music collection.