Our People

Musica Subterranea has been blessed with many friends joining us over the years, and while some have moved on to become alumni, we will always share the joy of making music together.

Current Members

Dafydd_  David Lankford / Lord Dafydd Arth – Music Director, arrangements, and recorders

sophia  Lara Coutinho-Dean / Lady Sophia The Orange – Lead Organizer and cello

Lucia_  Kathi Coutinho / Lady Lucia Braganca di Firenze – Treasurer, live performance organizer and violin

francesca  Julie Oller / Lady Francesca – Additional organizational support and viola

philip  Phil Reed / Master Phillip the Pilgrim – Recording Engineer and percussion

thomas  Tom Lee / Thomas of Meadowsedge – recorders



Drea1  Drea Leed / Mistress Drea di Pelligrini – hammered dulcimer, lute, and some arrangements

Emrys  Gus Sterneman / Lord Emrys Penhedog – guitar, percussion, and some arrangements

emil  Ernest Clark / Lord Emil Allzuwissender – hammered dulcimer, recorders, guitar, and some recording engineering

kjartan  Dan Grabski / Kjartan – cello

Susan  Susan Rati-Lane / Zuzu- viola

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