January 4, 2021

In this new world dominated by virtual creativity, Musica Subterranea music recordings have a new, unforseen application being used in videos and virtual events.

We would like to offer clear guidance regarding respecting our copyright:

Musica Subterranea retains copyright on all our music recordings. Copyright of the arrangements is maintained by the author, which for Musica Subterranea includes our arrangers David Lankford, Drea Leed, and Gus Sterneman. Sheet music is available under Creative Commons licenses for most of our tunes at this page: 

We encourage use of our music recordings, especially for historic dance, and also for use in virtual events, videos, and other creative works as long as copyright is respected.

In order to respect our copyright and also make use of our recordings, we have one simple but critical requirement:
Please document your request for use of our recordings by emailing our Producer, Lara Coutinho (SCA: Baroness Sophia the Orange). Most requests are granted easily and quickly, but documentation of permission given for specific purposes is required to ensure our copyright is respected.

Please email orangesophie AT gmail to request use of our recordings. Please do not hesitate to send in your request since our mission is to “Get The Music To The People”!

This method allows us to maintain our copyright and share our recordings to those who will benefit from it.

For questions, please email Lara Coutinho or any band member. Please do not request permission by leaving comments on this website.