Weclome to the world of Musica Subterranea!


Musica Subterranea is a group of musicians who met in the Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA) and decided the challenges for getting good music for dancing were just too high.  We started producing new recordings of dance music appropriate for SCA period re-enactments in 1997, and we are continuing to this day.  Our motto is “Get The Music To The People!”  So, we make our recordings as easily available as possible.  Currently, the best source for our recordings is off CDBaby.com.

Our Music Director, David Lankford, is an accomplished researcher and composer who has created new arrangements for Musica Subterranea based on primary source material from the renaissance time period.  Additional arrangements have also been contributed by members Drea Leed and Gus Sterneman.  All our music is arranged from period sources, are original compositions, or are derivative works based on material from other musicians used with permission.  All arrangements are also carefully matched to the reconstruction of the steps for the intended dance.

Members of Musica Subterranea have played live music for many SCA dance events throughout the Midwest, and we have been lucky to meet many musical friends who join us as guest artists.  Our violinist, Kathi Coutinho (Lucia Braganca di Firenze) and our viola player, Jullie Oller (Francesca), usually lead the charge for live gigs, so let them know if you’re interested in joining in!

We have produced 3 CDs with a total of 77 tunes, and as of Fall 2013, we are working on a fourth CD.  Watch this space for new developments as they happen!

See the other pages here for more details on our existing CDs, our current projects, and fun info about our members and alumni!

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  1. Hey! This looks good! I might suggest a few tweaks to the wording, but it’s HERE and it’s UP!! Thank you Lara :-)

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